Occupational Health and Safety Policity

  • As MŞB Construction, we are aware of the fact that the risks such as possible work accidents, injuries, damage, damage and loss are high and the effects are serious since construction is a sector which is devoted to construction work line in a dynamic, fast and constantly changing working environment and which has various sources of danger in terms of business methods,
  • Despite the high risk of accidents and damage in our line of business, as the management of the company we believe that all work accidents, occupational diseases, damage and losses can be prevented by social acceptance, efforts and commitments and in this sense we are committed to fulfill the social responsibility in all areas such as occupational health and safety, environment, quality,
  • With this understanding and mentality of responsibility, in order to ensure the occupational health and safety of all the personnel who are working in our company , we have to provide national health and safety legislation and standards. We will integrate the applicable occupational health and safety standart into our existing management system, and keep controlling, periodically reviewing and updating it.And We will share these updates with our staff and all of our business and solution partners.